Friday, March 16, 2012

Flowers, glorious flowers: a small peek into the Annual Flower Show, Allahabad

Flowers, glorious flowers, in all colors imaginable, with innumerable fragrances, shapes and sizes. This description, or rather a small rhyme that I read somewhere, author unknown, seems quite apt:
In the garden in the wild
Flower blossoms like a child
Its color brightens our way
Its fragrance graces our day
And truly, flowers seem to epitomize nature's variety and its beauty and they rarely ever fail to enthrall. And yes, the bright sprinkling of colors heralds spring. And, in many places round the world Spring is a time for celebration and also for that human endeavor called the "Flower Show". Though of course humans are not content with flowers as nature probably created them and do tinker with them coming up with variations that awe the eyes and mind.

Having returned to my hometown after 17 long years, I, too with other residents of the city looked forward to Spring and the Annual Flower show (AFS). The AFS is held towards the end of February, when the deep chill of winter is receding and days are warming up, in Company Bagh; its grounds are expansive enough to accommodate both the numerous flowers and teeming crowds that come to see them.

Of course, opportunities to play around with the DSLR are far and few, so the flower show was definitely not to be missed. Though I must admit I did cause quite some consternation at the AFS, a very tall woman totting a DSLR, capturing shots now and then. But I was oblivious to them, so I enjoyed myself thoroughly. These are some pictures that were taken at the AFS, there are many more than what I am about to upload now, but I have to admit, I am quite an ignoramus when it comes to identifying different flowers, so only those whose names I know are being shared for the now. I have asked my cousin (she is the family authority and of course, the resident green thumb) to help me identify/name others.

For the now...




Yes, I know I did say, I would upload only those that I could identify, but maybe, just maybe, a visitor to this blog can help me identify this one. All I's a hybrid...

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